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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keeping Track

So, I decided to start a blog to help keep track of my wonderful savings at CVS thanks to MoneySavingMom,, and other odds and ends websites that have helped me along the way. I have been CVS'ing (as they call it) for 2 months now, and already have saved so much money I just can't believe it! My years of paying for toothpaste are over! (I must have enough to last a few years- lol!) I have been keeping track of my savings using a spreadsheet that I downloaded from a link provided by It has been a wonderful tool for keeping track of the total amount that I am spending out of pocket on my CVSing.
My total amount spent for my first 2 months of CVSing is: $31.39 For that $31.39 I have gotten (and this is by no means a complete or comprehensive list)

26 bottles of Dawn dish soap
5 packs of 8-roll paper towels = 40 rolls of paper towels
8 or more packs of 8 rolls and up toilet paper
10 tubes of toothpaste
20 or more toothbrushes
15 bottles of shampoo
5 packs of 40 count baid-aids
3 two-count C batteries
Mouthwash ( about 5 bottles)
6 packs of Face wipes
6 covergirl Mascara
6 covergirl foundation and cover up
8 Sallie Hanson Finger nail polish
4 packs of pull ups (aprox 20-30 each)
3 packs of baby wipes
15 or more Sure deodorant
4 febreeze fabric spray
4 febreeze air freshner
2 Childrens Advil
Shaving Gel for men and women -- I don't know how much-- a lot! lol
5 Mens Fusion razors
2 Womens Bic razors
2 Womens Bic razor refills 4 count
3 500 count cotton swabs
Other misc Items..

So I am going to try and post here regularly to help me keep track of my savings, as well as to keep track of other happenings in my family.
I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids. Miguel is 5 and Breanna is 3. My husband is currently working for a local school district as a computer technition, but has a temp status and is hoping to find employment somewhere that will give us some financial security.

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